Another agency is quoting me 5 X as much as Smarcomms - what's the catch?

Find out how and why we have managed to offer such great prices.

Henry Earle-A'Hern

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Having seen and tested some of the agencies out there that are charging such high prices for, essentially, the exact same service, we know our price point might seem a little too good to be true.

Everything we do at Smarcomms is designed for you, the small business owner, whereas lots of other agencies are more focused on the bigger companies and their price reflects that.

Our service is 'done for you', meaning we take care of the social media marketing whilst you focus on your business.

We have also invested heavily into the automation of our internal systems which cuts our costs dramatically. Productizing our services into packages/plans is a big part of this.

We are really offering products not 'traditional services' - what you sign up to on our website is what you get. 

Finally, due to the hundreds of clients we have onboard, the profitability of our business model is due to 'economies of scale'. 

We have developed our onboarding and daily management processes over the years into an extremely efficient system. Again, time saved is money saved and we pass on those savings to customers. 

The entire customer experience is seamless. There's no need for customer support calls, you can simply sign up online via our website and then you will land into your client portal with personalized onboarding instructions. 

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