How can I cancel a subscription?


Last Update 3 個月前

Important: Due to PayPal's API limitations, this process will not work for any subscriptions placed in PayPal. Instead, log in to PayPal to cancel.

We would be sad to see you go 😔 but if you would like to cancel your account, we make it as painless as possible.

  1. Sign in here
  2. Go to your 'subscriptions' section
  3. From the right menu choose 'cancel subscription'

Please note: Your subscription will still show as 'active' because we, by default, continue work until the end of your paid month.

Once you reach the end of your paid for month, the status of your subscription will switch to 'canceled' and you will no longer be charged, provided you follow the instructions above.

Billing Terms & Conditions:

Plans and packages can be downgraded or cancelled at any stage before the clients next billing date, but not after if payment fails.

Initial charges for service will be paid in advance of service. Thereafter, Smarcomms will attempt to charge Client’s credit card on the monthly anniversary date of the client first ordering services.

Charges not paid by the due date for any reason will result in a suspension of Services until full payment is received. Suspension of Services for non-payment will not result in a proration of fees.

Except in the case of a material breach of this agreement by Smarcomms, Smarcomms does not issue refunds of any fees for any reason.

A 14-Day money back guarantee is available only to those clients that sign up online to our retail posting packages, and once the 14th day after payment of the first month is reached, no refund will be given under any circumstance.

The 14-Day money back guarantee and/or any refunds are not available to White Label Resellers under any circumstance.

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