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Onboarding calls are only available to Smarcomms SMM customers. If you have signed up to Smarcomms GROWTH or Smarcomms BLOGS only then all customer support is online.

As a low cost social media management company, customer support is one of our biggest expenses. 

To manage these costs, we limit phone support. 

Before signing up, we offer a totally FREE 30 minute consultation call which you can book here. This is your opportunity to learn more about our service and ask as many questions as needed before getting started.

Once you are a customer, we do also offer one FREE 15 minute onboarding call (Smarcomms SMM only). Again, this is your chance to ask any questions about how everything works once you're inside.

After your 15 minute onboarding call, all customer support is online as this is a low cost monthly service and not a full-scale traditional marketing agency that would cost at least 5X as much.

Our customer support team is ready to assist you via live chat, email or client portal tickets

Please do not book in a call for customer support via the onboarding call link as it will be cancelled.

Thank you for understanding.

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