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If you're new to social media management, find out what we do here.

Henry Earle-A'Hern

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We help you to save time and refocus on your business with fully managed social media content and real organic growth.

Our service has two main elements to it, Content & Growth.

Content (posts) ✍️🎨

We create high quality and visual social media posts - this includes designing the images, writing the copy (words), including the links back to your website and also relevant hashtags to maximise your organic reach.

You can see some examples of the posts we create by heading to our ‘Example Social Media Posts’ page.

The social media content we create for your business will be a direct result of both the information your provide via our intake forms and also the research we conduct into your business and industry. 

We aim to find out what types of content are proving most effective in your industry and use that as a basis when creating your social media content. This process enables us to work with clients in any industry. 

Growth 🚀 📈

Posting to social media is a great start, but to see real growth we recommend including Facebook advertising and our Growth Booster service.

Facebook advertising: we promote or ‘boost’ your posts using the wide array of targeting options e.g. age, gender, location, job title, interest and behaviours to ensure that your posts reach a highly relevant audience.

Growth Booster: our growth team will manually log in to your Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts Monday-Friday to follow profiles that match your target audience and like their posts. The goal of this activity is to grab the attention of your target audience and make them aware of your business and what you are offering. This is proven to increase your targeted reach and relevant follower base over time. 

P.S. No bots here, we use real people to grow your accounts, the right way.

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